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Building Sustainability

M. Leeder Construction is proud of our efforts to champion sustainability in an industry not generally known for it. With our Bagela Asphalt Recycler, we are making the highest use of our precious resources, minimizing greenhouse emissions, and keeping tons of waste asphalt out of our landfills.

The savings of recycled asphalt are illustrated below:

Asphalt saved from landfills 5,004 tons
Rock that did not need to be mined/quarried 9,357,480 lbs
Oil that did not need to be refined or delivered 80,064 gallons
Greenhouse gas emissions that were not put into the atmosphere 373,300 lbs

*Numbers based on tons of asphalt recycled by M. Leeder Construction to date.

By contrast, here’s what it takes to make one ton of virgin asphalt:

1. Mine or quarry the rock or aggregate 1870 lbs of rock
per ton
2. Add asphalt oil 16 gallons of oil
per ton
3. Power the hot plant generators 75 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions per ton

*”Comparison of Greenhouse Gas Emission for Patching with Recycled and traditional Asphalt” by Tim Marbach, Ph.D.
California State University Sacramento
600 J St. Sacramento, CA 95608

Passing on the Savings

Being responsible to our environment has added benefits! Reclycling asphalt equals cost effectiveness, which we pass on to our customers. Find out more about recycled asphalt for your construction project, or give us a call if you have questions.

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