Infrared Asphalt Patching

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Patching a large pothole

Patching a large pothole

Patching a large pothole

The Infrared Patching System

In order to offset the carbon footprint with traditional asphalt patching M. Leeder Construction presents our Infrared patching system.

In the old days:

  1. Cut out the patch with a demo saw
  2. Remove the old asphalt with a backhoe
  3. Haul away the old asphalt in a a dump truck
  4. Bring new asphalt from the hot plant in another dump truck
  5. Utilize personnel trucks working one patch area for an hour

Infrared patching does all the same work, while:

  1. Eliminating disposal problems inherent with conventional methods
  2. Doing so in a quarter of the time (provided there is a solid structural base)
  3. Using only personnel trucks

Infrared technology allows up to a 75% less production of new asphalt needed for patching, which then reduces the carbon footprint of the asphalt hot plant as well as the patching job.

Infrared technology is the most environmentally friendly way to deal with asphalt maintenance.

M. Leeder Construction is proud to be on the cutting edge of our industry when it comes to the environment.

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